AICONN stands for "AI Connectivity" and it means connecting AI


Our vision is contributed by creating a large AI ecosystem like a forest in the African grasslands.

Resource Management in the Energy Industry

• Water pipe leak detection algorithm through AI model
• Minimize damage through proactive measures by predicting leaks in advance
• Efficiently measure leak location, leak status, and leak volume

  • 1


    AI-based intelligent leak integration
    Solution platform design,
    AI-based pipe acceleration signal abnormal detection development,
    Leak location prediction development

  • 2


    AI-based leak data prediction platform,
    AI-based leak location calculation,
    Calculation of leaks and leaks

  • 3


    AI-based leak platform and model field validation and optimization

  • 4


    Commercialization of AI-based leak detection platform and algorithm

Energy Management – Motor Predictive Diagnosis

• Build AI motor diagnosis predictive maintenance system
• Real-time diagnosis by predicting motor failure with an AI model through vibration sensor data


Data Exploration

Sensor data collection
vibration frequency


Data Cleansing

Vibration & current data
Check data distribution
Raw data selection
Normal/abnormal frequency confirmation
Labeling data


Feature Extraction

Feature engineering for time-based and spectrum-based


AI Model & Prediction

Selection of algorithms such as XGBoost, LigthGBM, SVM, Neural Networks, etc.
AI learning and fault diagnosis


AI Deployment

Building motor diagnosis dashboard

Advancement of AI-based Sensor Measurement Performance

• Storage management of collected fine dust data
• Advancement of performance of fine dust measurement devices based on artificial intelligence analysis
• Algorithm application through interworking and analysis of fine dust data
• Flexible prediction system operation for each location/device

  • 1

    Data Collecting

    Fine-dust sensor data collection
    Collected fine dust data storage management

  • 2

    AI Algorithms

    Advanced measurement device performance by using AI filter algorithm for fine dust sensor with smoothing filtration

  • 3

    Measure Fine-dust

    Application of AI algorithm to fine dust measuring device Distribution of improved fine dust measurement values


• Define the problem to solve sensor-based data
• Collect and analyze data required for AIoT model training
• Build API for each AI model according to machine learning and deep learning algorithms

  • Sensor & Module Design

    • High sensitivity sensor selection
    • LTE-based interface
    • Low power module design

    IoT Sensor

    Sensor - Applicable to various materials
    Connectivity smartphone - Field exploration
    LTE & IoT network to LoRa support available

  • AIoT Management System

    • Artificial intelligence IoT platform
    • Build AI predictive models
    • Crack, fault diagnosis, location prediction


    Crack, fault diagnosis and location calculation
    Strengthen security by using domestic servers
    AI analysis-based crack, failure prediction

  • SaaS Platform Integration

    • Integrated SaaS platform management system
    • Report of analysis and diagnosis result
    • Diagnostic visualization dashboard

    Diagnosis APP

    Provide maintenance report of fault diagnosis
    Web-based service linked with GIS
    Provides status through accumulated analysis data

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AICONN AIoT Cloud Orchestration

• Provides orchestration platform that builds data pipelines for ML & DL models for each application
• Implement of kubwa MLOps in on-premise and cloud environments based on Docker and Kubernetes container
• Achieve the goals of open, convergence, and flow with kubwa AIoT


AICONN Edu provides educational course to satisfy the needs for DT (Digital Transformation) in various fields and the use of professional AI.

  • Manufacturing AI Practitioner Training

    Empower practitioners in data analytics and AI capabilities

    1. Understanding sensor and facility data
    2. Machine learning, deep Learning
    3. Anomaly detection, time-series analysis
    4. XAI explainable/interpretable AI

  • AIoT Practitioner Training

    Empower AIoT capabilities from data collection to analytics

    1. Understanding IoT sensor data
    2. AIoT data analysis methodology
    3. Machine learning, deep learning
    4. AIoT cloud, edge deployment

  • DT Competency Training

    Empower DT capabilities from data collection to analytics

    1. DT and AI introduction methodology
    2. Understanding data types and AI applications
    3. AI problem definition and insight
    4. Solving data-driven problems