• Smart Mobility
    IoT Sensor
    Camera Image Recognition
  • Bigdata Platform
    Data Governance
  • AI Analytics
    Machine Learning
    Deep Learning
  • Data Science
    Python Programing
  • Manufacturing AI
    Manufacturing DT
    Anomaly Detection
    Time-series Anlaysis
  • BI Visualization
    Microsoft Power BI

kubwa Edu: B2B

kubwa Edu provides educational course to satisfy the needs for DT (Digital Transformation) in various fields and the use of professional AI.

  • Manufacturing AI Practitioner Training

    Empower practitioners in data analytics and AI capabilities

    1. Understanding sensor and facility data
    2. Machine learning, deep Learning
    3. Anomaly detection, time-series analysis
    4. XAI explainable/interpretable AI

  • AIoT Practitioner Training

    Empower AIoT capabilities from data collection to analytics

    1. Understanding IoT sensor data
    2. AIoT data analysis methodology
    3. Machine learning, deep learning
    4. AIoT cloud, edge deployment

  • DT Competency Training

    Empower DT capabilities from data collection to analytics

    1. DT and AI introduction methodology
    2. Understanding data types and AI applications
    3. AI problem definition and insight
    4. Solving data-driven problems