Applicable Solution

• Smart recylcing plastic AI sorting system for chemical recycling
• Determination of optimization parameters for managing various ECO resources
• Predict AI from data collected from sensors, logic controllers (PLC), and vision cameras

  • Data Collection
  • Data Preprocessing
  • AI Development
AI Model Programing Process

Application Case 1. AI Recycling Plastic Sorting Automation

• Establishment of an automatic waste plastic sorting system through AI model
• Increase plastic recycling rate by increasing sorting accuracy
• Automate waste plastic work that was previously done manually with AI-based robots

  • 1

    Data Acquisition

    Taking images of recycling plastics in an environment similar to a conveyor belt in a sorting site

  • 2

    Data Cleansing

    Data labeling and cleansing data quality inspection

  • 3

    AI Modeling

    AI Modeling with using CNN, R-CNN, YOLO, and NMS technologies

  • 4

    AI Serving

    Provides AI model to classify the plastics as PET, PP, PE, PS

Application Case 2. Advanced Performance AI-based Fine Dust Measurement Device

• Storage management of collected fine dust data
• Advancement of performance of fine dust measurement devices based on artificial intelligence analysis
• Algorithm application through interworking and analysis of fine dust data
• Flexible prediction system operation for each location/device

  • 1

    Data Collecting

    Fine-dust sensor data collection
    Collected fine dust data storage management

  • 2

    AI Algorithms

    Advanced measurement device performance by using AI filter algorithm for fine dust sensor with smoothing filtration

  • 3

    Measure Fine-dust

    Application of AI algorithm to fine dust measuring device Distribution of improved fine dust measurement values