• Define the problem to solve sensor-based data
• Collect and analyze data required for AIoT model training
• Build API for each AI model according to machine learning and deep learning algorithms

  • Sensor & Module Design

    • High sensitivity sensor selection
    • LTE-based interface
    • Low power module design

    IoT Sensor

    Sensor - Applicable to various materials
    Connectivity smartphone - Field exploration
    LTE & IoT network to LoRa support available

  • AIoT Management System

    • Artificial intelligence IoT platform
    • Build AI predictive models
    • Crack, fault diagnosis, location prediction


    Crack, fault diagnosis and location calculation
    Strengthen security by using domestic servers
    AI analysis-based crack, failure prediction

  • SaaS Platform Integration

    • Integrated SaaS platform management system
    • Report of analysis and diagnosis result
    • Diagnostic visualization dashboard

    Diagnosis APP

    Provide maintenance report of fault diagnosis
    Web-based service linked with GIS
    Provides status through accumulated analysis data

  • 원격상시
  • Web

kubwa DT Analytics Process for Manufacturing

  • Collecting Sensor Data
  • Signal Processing
    Signal Conditioning
    AD Converting
  • Data Storage
  • kubwa Analytics

kubwa AIoT Cloud Process for Manufacturing

AIoT Predictive Diagnosis Dashboard for Machine Facilities

• Real-time data from IoT vibration and current sensors are used to diagnose failure prediction as an AI model
• Transmit results of fault classification diagnosis (inference) to visualization DB
• Various indicators of machine prediction display on dashboard

  • Data Warehouse

    IoT Motor Diagnosis
    Vibration Sensor DW

  • Inference
    AI Classification

  • Visualization DB

    DB Construction

  • Facility Monitoring

    User Group: Admin.